Woodstock Percussion-Tulip Décor Chime

Woodstock Percussion-Tulip Décor Chime

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Tuned to a pentatonic scale commonly used in Asian music and American Folk Songs, this stunning decorative chime evokes the beauty of stained glass, an interplay between light and color.

Stained glass windows can be traced back to the 7th century in Britain with examples found in churches and monasteries. Stained glass is aptly named for the silver stain usually applied to the side of the glass which faces the outside. When the glass is fired, the stain turns a yellowy-gold color, adding depth and warmth. The metaphor of stained glass illustrates the variety of lights and colors that make up our world and is a good reminder to see beauty in every person and situation.

UV is a versatile printing process that combines ultra-violet light and special inks. This unique technique allows us to print intricate designs and textures on a variety of materials. Woodstock is currently printing exclusive color designs on wood, aluminum, acrylic, and glass.

Product Properties
Mahogany finish ash wood
5 silver aluminum tubes
Colorful stained glass effect acrylic windcatcher